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Ерөнхийлөгч Михайл Горбачев

Ерөнхийлөгч Михайл Горбачев, гэргий Райса Максимовна нар Шри Чинмойтой уулзсан нь
Нью Йорк, 1994 оны 10 сарын 16

Ерөнхийлөгч Горбачев:

“Таны энэрэнгүй зүрх сэтгэл, гүн гүнзгий сургаалыг би гайхахын зэрэгцээ бахдан биширч байна.”
1992 оны 11 сарын 3

“I hope that the New Year will be very successful for all the noble ideas and actions that you and your Peace Centres are promoting all over the world.”
1992 оны 12 сарын 24

“...During these years, the Peace Meditation at the United Nations which you formed has become a powerful force...and it has given new strength to the movement for peace, to the renewal of spirituality and to the survival of humanity.”
March 17th, 1994

“There are not many people in the world who are so sincerely dedicated to the ideals of love of fellow human beings, peace and understanding and who are so self-giving in their actions...”

“Your deeds are invaluable, for they cannot be measured by any economic or political parameters; they are noble and cure the human soul.”
March 27th, 1995

“...It is not by chance that the United Nations has been giving increasing attention in its activities to the spiritual improvement of the human being and Sri Chinmoy plays an enormous role in that noble work as head of the Centre of Peace Meditation for the whole world.”
May 23rd, 1995

“My Friend, you are the personification for the United Nations of dedication to its noble ideals…”
April 18th, 2001
Telephone Conversation

“Your enormous and significant activities are helping people to live better lives in peace, friendship and love… Everyone knows and highly appreciates your work at the United Nations. Indeed, you are connected with the whole world, and your work is to foster peace-making efforts and the spiritual development of humanity… Whatever you dedicate yourself to-art, music, poetry, drawing-all this is connected with peace, peace amongst people and peace amongst nations…”
August 15th, 2001

From Sri Chinmoy to President Gorbachev:

“The Master-Key of the Global Heart”

“President Gorbachev:
A man in a million,
A heart in a billion
A soul in a trillion.”

“You are the most beloved
Of the chosen few
To be garlanded
By Father-God in Heaven
And Mother-God on earth
For your supremely unparalleled contributions
Toward changing the face and fate
Of the suffering world-community.”

“Freedom-grower, Freedom-giver, Freedom-delight!
The liberator-sun of the world's division-night.
Love-peace-fountain, Mikhail,
Earth and Heaven's oneness-thrill.
Gorbachev, Gorbachev, all-where, the peace-blossom-tree.
The master-key of the global heart, bondage-world free.”

“Таны уужуу тэнүүн зүрх сэтгэл
Хоёр Германы урсах нулимс
Далд айдсыг
Хумин авч уусгав.”

2001 оны 3 сарын 2-нд
Ерөнхийлөгч Горбачевын 70 насны ойгоор
Хорвоо дэлхийн зүрх сэтгэл
Түүний сүрлэг өндөр амьдралын модны дор
Түүнд талархсан сэтгэлээ илэрхийлсэн дуугаа
Туйлын талархалтайгаар, туйлын намууухан
Сэтгэлд хоногштол дуулах болтугай.”

“Ерөнхийлөгч Горбачевтай учирна гэдэг
Цэцэн билгийн тойрогт орж
Хорвоог хувирган өөрчилж гайхамшгийг бүтээхийн нэр.

“Бурханы Мутар
Өөрийн хайртай хүү
Михайл Горбачевын гараар
Хорвоо дэлхийг
Баяртайгаар, итгэл төгс
Хувирган өөрчилж байна.”